Return & Refund Policy

100% Safe Shopping Guarantee


Here at Nature's Remedies we value ourselves with being able to provide you with a safe and reliable service.
We guarantee all our products against fault.

If you find any product damaged (e.g. capsules split and spilled in bottle), please contact us to return the full bottle (at our cost) for a replacement (processing fee doesn't apply).



Please note, Amoryn works for over 80% and Seredyn for over 90% of the people that take them.
No product will work for every person as people respond differently to supplementation.

Seredyn is an 'instant' (immediate affect) product. Therefore, we will refund one opened bottle if you find it doesn't work for you (subject to a  processing fee).

Because Amoryn and our other health supplements and treatments are 'accumulative' (longer-term in affect), we will not refund opened bottles of these.


Product No Longer Required

In any case, we are happy to refund any and all unopened bottles that are retuned to our address (at your cost).


Processing Fee

Except for damaged product, all returns are subject to a $10 processing fee - this covers the cost of packaging and handling .



To qualify for the above-mentioned refunds, please ensure you contact us and return product within 90 days of receiving them.



Please email us in the first instance if you are returning your product(s).

Include the following information in your email:
You may like to copy and paste as a template.
Product Name(s):
Reason for Return: (Damaged On Arrival, Faulty - please supply details, Order Error, Received Wrong Item, 
Product is opened: Yes/No
Other details: