Valerian: The Natural Agent of Calm

Relaxing both body and mind, natural Valerian extract has been found to be an extremely effective and safe calming-agent that helps people gain emotional tranquility.

We all naturally have a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) called GABA that helps us to relax and lowers the levels of anxiety. Valerian extract increases the activity of GABA, as well as stimulating the release of other neurotransmitters that increase confidence and a sense of well-being.

Clinical research has shown that  Valerian extract (if standardized) effectively relieves worry, stress, anxiety as well as sleeplessness. Best of all, Valerian is gentle and non-addictive.

The potency of Valerian extract is measured as a percentage of its active ingredient, valerenic acid. The optimum amount - to provide maximum relief without side effects such as drowsiness, is 0.8% valerenic acid. 

Here at Nature's Remedies we managed to find a product that not only has this optimum amount of Valerian extract - 0.8% valerenic acid, but combines it with other powerfully calming agents: Passion Flower extract and L-theanine to provide a complete anti-anxiety supplement.

This amazing product is called SEREDYN and we have sourced it so you can purchase it by clicking here or its product picture below.