Increase Energy and Confidence with Rhodiola


Rhodiola is a herbal plant found to dramatically increase the level of feel-good neurotransmitters (brain activity) including serotonin and other feel-good neurotransmitters. It's helpful, active ingredient is called a rosavin - a measure of it's concentration.

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COMT (catechol-O-methyltransferase) is an enzyme that breaks down these neurotransmitters.1 However, Rhodiola slows the effect of this.

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The effect can be felt quickly. In fact, often, merely days of taking a supplement with it, people taking Rhodiola find they have an increase in energy and motivation, lower levels of anxiety as well as better confidence and optimism.

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Before becoming known in the United States, Rhodiola was extensively studied by Russian scientists and was used for decades in the former Soviet Union as an energy-enhancer.

Since then, numerous researchers have conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials and found that Rhodiola can increase general wellbeing2, reduce mental fatigue2,3, and improve learning and memory4.

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Here at Nature's Remedies, we searched pretty hard for a good all-round product and found... A neat-o supplement called, AMORYN. Each of their capsules has 90mg of Rhodiola extract. They standardize it to contain a potent amount of at least 4% rosavins  (most other Rhodiola supplements contain only 1-2% rosavins). Yet this daily dose provided by AMORYN is the amount of Rhodiola extract shown to be both effective and safe in clinical trials.

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